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Learn about our current initiative to close the gap in senior fall prevention.

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Closing the Gap in Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury among seniors. In fact, every 11 seconds, a senior is treated in the emergency room for a fall. And over 80% of those falls happen in the bathroom.  

But there is a simple solution that can help significantly reduce a senior’s risk of falling: grab bars. Grab bars are a simple and cost-effective solution that can be easily installed in any bathroom to provide support and stability, reducing falls and serious injuries. 

Our Grab the Bars initiative aims to raise funds to provide grab bars for seniors who may not otherwise have the means or ability to install them. Join us in this initiative and help Close the Gap in Senior Care by donating today.  


Every $250 installs 2 grab bars in a senior’s bathroom.

30 Days

Upon approval, grab bars are installed within a few weeks of nomination.

658 Grab Bars

To date, 329 seniors have received grab bars in their homes.

How It Works

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Close the Gap in Senior Care has partnered with TruBlue Home Service Ally and Lowe’s Livable Home to give our grab bar fundraiser a national impact. Any senior who demonstrates financial need is eligible to be nominated for 2 grab bars. Once a nomination is approved and a local installer partner has been assigned, then an approved contractor will reach out to the nominee to coordinate a day and time to do the grab bar installation. Lastly, the contractor will send the invoice to Close the Gap for payment.  

Grab the Bars: FAQ

100% of every donation goes directly to grab bars for seniors. Caring Senior Service, our enterprise partner, funds all of our administrative costs — things like staff salaries, rent, office supplies, technology, etc. — so you can give knowing 100% of your donation directly funds grab bars for seniors. Caring Senior Service is a senior home care franchise with locations across the US. 

Yes. Our fundraiser is powered and protected by GiveButter. Learn more about how GiveButter protects your information 

Donations are tax-deductible within the guidelines of United States law. Close the Gap in Senior Care is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization based in the US. The tax ID/EIN for Close the Gap in Senior Care is 87-3313335Use your email receipt as your official record to claim your donation as a deduction on your US taxes 

Seniors aged 65+ who live in the US and are unable to independently afford the cost of installation. Seniors must own a house or mobile home. Seniors who live in an apartment or rental property are ineligible unless they can provide written permissions for installation from the property owner.  

Currently our nomination process is open to referral partners that work closely with branch locations of our enterprise partner, Caring Senior Service. Nominations from the general public may open up in the future.  

Once a nomination is received, Close the Gap in Senior Care reviews the nomination for eligibility, and when approved, forwards on to an installation partner, Lowe’s Livable Home (LLH) or TruBlue (TB), depending on the zip code. At the same time, we notify the nominator so that they may give the news to the nominated senior.  

A TB or LLH contractor calls the nominated senior, or their designated point of contact to schedule the best date and time to do the installation. Upon completion, the contractor invoices Close the Gap in Senior Care for payment. 



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501(c)(3) EIN number 87-3313335
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