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Ready to expand your business and make a lasting impact in your community? We invite you to become a part of our exclusive network of contractors, handyman service companies, and remodelers that prioritize grab bar installations for individuals wishing to age in place. Over 80% of fatal falls occur in bathrooms, and installing safety grab bars is a simple and effective way to reduce that risk! Join our grab bar installation network today.

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Agreeing to be listed on Close the Gap’s website is free, and it will make your contact information available to consumers in your service area who wish to have a reliable and credentialed installer willing to put up some grab bars for them — even if that is the only modification they request.


Aligning your business with us builds community trust because consumers will see that you are dedicated to ensuring their ability to remain at home safely. Doing a quick grab bar job will build your credibility with consumers and lead to potential repeat business as they discover their need for additional services in the future.


As a Close the Gap in Senior Care partner with expertise in grab bar installation, you will have the opportunity to leverage our partnership during your community outreach, creating a positive image of your business and strengthening your community ties.

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Aligning yourself with our nonprofit* demonstrates your commitment to safety, reassuring potential customers that you understand the importance of proactive measures in preventing accidents.

So, join our network as we build the most extensive list of contractors committed to prioritizing grab bar installations. Help us make a collective impact on the safety and well-being of your community and transform houses into safe and secure homes where individuals can age gracefully.

Ready to be a part of something meaningful? Become a Proud Installer today!

*Installers currently participating in our $250 grab bar grant program will not be affected if they choose to opt out of this consumer list.

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